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5-in-1 Airflow Hair Styler

5-in-1 Airflow Hair Styler

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Save time and money by getting a PERFECT style!

Join over 1000 people who transformed their hair today

Curl, wave, straighten, and eliminate frizz, instantly curl and wave your hair in seconds with the 5-in-1 airflow curling iron,  like in a professional salon!

Instantly flawless, voluminous and silky hair.

You can create the most beautiful curls and waves, but also silky straight hair, it has been compared to the famous Dyson but with obviously with different characteristics given the considerable price savings.

So throw away your old hair dryer and curling iron and indulge in the latest cutting-edge hair styling technology!

Why pay for expensive hair treatments?

Leave your old beauty buddies

Why customers love this exclusive 5-in-1 straightening curling iron kit:
  • Perfect for  straightening,  curling 
  • Multifunctional uses prevent the need for multiple styling tools.
  • Instantly  soft and silky curls
  • Includes a combination of  ceramic elements 
  • Compatible  with all  hair structures  , you can style them however you  want
  • Intelligent heat control

Faster than any medium curling iron, more effortless than any hair tool, get smoother curls in seconds. 
You can use it as a classic hair dryer but at the same time, you can get a perfect style like at the hairdresser, even taking less time because thanks to its power it dries the hair in a few steps!

The 5-in-1 Airflow Curl Receiver uses the latest ceramic curling technology combined with antistatic bristles to achieve soft, silky curls.
Restores natural hair care, reduces frizz and promotes hair follicle growth all-in-one!

Package Included:

  • The power cable of ± 2m
  • Perfect 5-in-1 airflow curler
  • Hedgehog attachment (L & R)
  • Soft brush attachment
  • Hard brush attachment
  • Hairdryer

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