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JAPAN Electric Drill to Mini Chainsaw Converter

JAPAN Electric Drill to Mini Chainsaw Converter

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【Easy to Modify】The Chainsaw Drill Attachment is an easy-to-modify tool that allows users to change their electric drill to become a chainsaw

【Adaptability The Electric Drill Modified To Electric Chainsaw Drill Attachment is very suitable for orchards cutting trees, gardens trimming branches, bamboo cutting, household firewood, etc.

【Unique ergonomic design】 The baffle can shield the splash of wood chips, Non-slip plastic auxiliary handle, High quality alloy material Wrench and Chain

【Preferred Material】Special guide plate, steel balls do not need lubrication, so that the machine can reduce the resistance during operation and reduce the wear and tear of the machine.

Just the Right Size

This chainsaw drill attachment is suitable for most products on the market. If you also have a power drill at home, hurry up and use it.

Applicable electric drill: AC electric drill clamping part 40-44mm
Net weight: 410g


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