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Zupcarts Expandable Leaf Fence

Zupcarts Expandable Leaf Fence

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Transform your yard while creating instant privacy in minutes, with our faux Ivy expandable privacy fence with a willow wood frame.

  • 🏡The fence is a willow wood, and the artificial green vines on the top are artificially tied. It is very realistic and you can match the hanging flower stand to make your garden full of green and vitality. 
    • 🏡The wooden stakes are driven into the soil, and the wooden fences can be fixed with a tie or wire. Simply arrange them to make your garden look different.

    • 🏡This retractable wooden fence can be used for shopping mall decoration, KTV bars, restaurants, parks, and other places for holiday activities with green vines, which is an excellent view.

      • 🏡It won't fadeleaves are made of 100% PURE virgin non-recycled polyethylene materials, finished with commercial standard UV stabilization, which is the key to being green forever, and leaves are attached to the frame.
      • 🏡no maintenance, no watering, no trimming, easy to clean with water, unlike natural ivy where rodents nest and infest.


      HOW TO USE:

      • you can use the expandable faux ivy trellis horizontally or vertically, which blends beautifully with natural landscaping and hide unwanted areas.
      • It creates an intimate ambiance in your garden, expandable to create an Instant privacy fence screen covered with faux ivy leaves, and is flexible, expands, or contracts to your desired dimensions and privacy.

      Package Includes:
      - 1x Expandable Faux Privacy Fence

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